Moonambel Muster 2019


Friday Night Run (8 Vehicles)
On Friday night we headed off about 8pm, on to the bitumen through the township of Moonambel, turning off to the St Arnaud Pyrenees State Forest. My convoy found some stray kangaroos, wanted to play cat and mouse! After a few sharp turns onto ourselves, we made it to Old King Tree Track, which is a very spectacular track to sit down the bottom of and watch vehicles come down it, very entertaining, my passenger for the night dropped his phone at the bottom of it, which we didn’t realise we left behind until we were about another hour into our drive! Trip took about 3 hours to do! A few of the tracks that we drove, you needed to have your head screwed on, or it could have been a longer night with recoveries. Some of the tracks we covered were – Glenlofty Trk, Dry Dam Trk, Cameron Trk, New Tiger Cat Trk, Jackson Trk, Farnsworth Trk. Yes we did find the phone in one piece, but there was no reception in the spot we found it! So it was an extra long night for my passenger and I!

Saturday Easy/ Medium Trip (7 vehicles)
At 9:30am on Saturday, we pulled straight out of camp across the bitumen and up into Redbank NCR. I hadn’t driven this area for some time now, so it was going to be good to see how the tracks had faired since last time I drove them. We explored Redbank NCR, the tracks were fairly easy. Then off into Kara Kara NP. We stopped off at Teddington Hut for lunch, which gave everyone a chance to stretch their legs and a bit of a chat. Then we headed back towards Moonambel. But what a trip to Moonambel without a drive up to the lookout to look out over our camping spot for the long weekend, then into camp. Some of the tracks we covered during the day were—Long Gully trk, Centre Rd, Fishermans Hut trk, Blue Gum trk, Mount Separation trk, and Moonambel Trk just to name a few.

Sunday Easy / Medium Trip (8 vehicles)
The Sunday trip started about 10:30am, I decided to do the trip I did on the Friday night with some extra tracks through it. New Tiger Trk, proved to be a lot of fun for the group, as was Turpin Trk. It seemed very entertaining to the group when you are going exploring adding in tracks you find, then realise that you need to turn around at some point! My passenger, my son wanted to get as much videos and photos of the days travels as he could, some of it looks really good! Well done Lachy! Tracks we covered were the same as Friday night run, plus—Cross Trk, Sardine Trk, Donkey Hill Trk and Turpin Trk.

Hope everyone enjoyed their trips out with me leading them, I enjoyed it!

By Kelvin Rogers