Moonambel Muster 2019 – Saturday Trip

Moonambel Saturday Trip

Trip Leaders: Warren and Shez

We had 10 vehicles on our easy medium trip. We were the last trip out on Saturday morning. The fog cleared as we left the reserve and traveled through the lower part of the Pyrenees. We headed towards Glenpatrick and ran some tracks in this area that we hadn’t done previously. All the tracks in this area are medium unless wet.

Our plan was to head up to Mount Avoca for lunch. We got to the track at the back of Mount Avoca to find it was all chopped up, rutted and steep. We made the decision not to attempt this track with the big group we had. We had lunch at the base of Mount Avoca and then drove back around to New Nowhere Track which went nowhere. We had taken the wrong track and after a drive through the scrub, we got back on to the main road and found the true Nowhere track a bit further down. We headed towards camp via Jacksons track and got back into camp mid-afternoon. Plenty of time to relax and chill out.

We had a great group and the day went without incident.

Thankyou to those who came with us.

Shez and Warren