2019 Go Kart Challenge

2019 Go Kart Challenge

Allie & Dave
Nick & Rhys
Cam & Oakli (Cam & Big Smokes)
Tim (AKA Buttercup)
Adam, Kristi, Bo & Lexi
Mitch & Tabitha (Boss)
Mark (4wd Marky)
Byron & Renee
Rylan & Ebony (Dicky & Smity)
Rick & Teresa
Warren & Shez (Official Photographer & Baby Sitters)

We all met at Ace Karts in Melbourne around 1pm on Sunday ready for our 2pm booking. We had a great turn out of 20 people racing after a few got scared of the challenge and pulled out. Once we all sat through the rules (so many but we still had fun) it was time to find a helmet and get into our karts.

We had a 10 min qualifying race, then a 10 min Semi final and a 15 min final. All was going really well, Rylan won the qualifying race and got pole position, but it was not good news after that for Rylan. Once the semi final was completed and we once again lined up on the grid with Cam in pole this time, Rylan was last due to his transponder not recording his laps. With the final race underway there were a few spin outs, tyre walls being hit and lots of laughs to be had. Buttercup came first with Cam and Rhys close behind.

Ace karts then presented the winner with a Trophy and also a hat to 1st 2nd and 3rd. I had also organised stubby holders to be presented to the winners of both men & women.

Congratulation to Buttercup (40.576) in 1st, Cam (40.806) in 2nd and Rhys (41.217) in 3rd for the men and in the womens Renee (42.298) in 1st, Ebony (41.676) in 2nd and Oakli (41.427) in 3rd.

Thank you to all who came along, and also to Warren and Tabitha for being baby sitters to Bo & Lexi so Adam & Kristi could join in the fun, and to our photographer Shez for getting some great shots of the event.

I will definitely organise this event again for the 2020 Go Kart Challenge.

Allie Hamann